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If you’re planning on traveling with your pet, our team at Tenafly Veterinary Center can help you get all the necessary paperwork in order to make your trip go smoothly!

Traveling With Your Pet?

When traveling with an animal, it’s often required to have legal documentation to protect your pet’s health, the safety of other travelers, and the environment in which you are traveling. In order to receive this paperwork, you must meet with your veterinarian and have them sign off that your pet is strong and healthy to travel without endangering themselves or others, free from disease or illness, and has received the vaccinations required by wherever they are traveling to.

In order to be sure of what kind of documentation you need, what the requirements are for traveling with your pet, or the time requirements for the paperwork, we suggest calling the airline you are flying with to find out.

It’s important to note that pets who fly in the main cabin, rather than in steerage, have a much more comfortable and calm experience. If your pet is well behaved and small enough, we highly recommend they travel in the main cabin. In the case that your pet must travel in steerage, make sure they have a spacious crate that allows for movement and water.

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