New Puppy First Visit

“The Cookie Place”

Make the trip to the vet fun for your new puppy. Do not feed your pet too much before the visit and walk him/her well before the car ride so they can eliminate and be well relaxed for the visit. Give your pet a cookie with each step of the trip- getting in and out of the car, in and out of the office, etc. Upon arrival to our office, walk your puppy again briefly outside. (Often owners arrive last minute and their pets don’t get a chance to eliminate themselves. This can make them more stressed in the office). We will also be giving your puppy plenty more cookies once they arrive into the office. We want your pet to remember us as the “cookie place” and not the “needle place”. This way each visit will be fun, smooth and stress free for your new puppy.

Summary: * Cookies

* Let your pet eliminate before the visit to reduce stress

– Comprehensive physical exam: make sure your new pet is healthy.
– Intestinal parasite screen: make sure your pet is free of internal parasites that can cause diarrhea and consume vital nutrients your pet needs to grow healthy. Please bring a fresh fecal sample with you.
– Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! We will give you a fresh new perspective about how to feed your new addition to the family.
– Amino B Plex prescription pediatric vitamins: high in B vitamins to stimulate appetite, fructosamine to prevent hypoglycemia and iron to help with anemia. All are typical conditions found in young puppies in transition.
– Benebec: a probiotic supplement that helps prevent diarrhea, improves digestion and strengthen immunity.
– Revolution application: to prevent heartworm (a blood parasite), fleas, ticks, hookworms, roundworms, ear and skin mites. This is a monthly application product.
– Allergroom hypoallergenic shampoo: designed for sensitive skin to prevent dry flaky skin and for high frequency shampooing.
– C.E.T. toothbrush kit: start right away brushing your pets teeth gently, do it daily, ideally twice a day, make it short and fun. Always reward good behavior!
– Vaccines as needed: We usually shy away from vaccinating on the first visit just in case your pet is incubating a disease. If your pet is in perfect health, we will get your permission to proceed with vaccination
– Home Again Microchip: Microchipping provides peace of mind that you’ve given your pet the permanent, lifetime ID he/she needs for the best chance to come home. Microchips DO NOT hurt your pet, no more discomfort then a vaccination. They DO NOT require surgery- a simple, one-time insertion with a syringe.

*** Please print and fill out the New Client Form on our website and bring with you.

*** Please bring a fresh fecal sample with you.

*** Please be aware that the above items are OPTIONAL and are NOT included with your complimentary exam.