Jasper Papoulis (1998-2012)

Jasper was a gentle, kind, loving, dedicated member of our family, who we loved very dearly and we miss everyday. We love you Jasper!!!

Dr. Barnea and the office staff at both Cliffside and Tenafly were always there for Jasper with their thorough, compassionate loving care. We always felt like we were part of a family!

From day one, when we adopted Jasper and brought him in to meet Dr.Barnea for the first time in 1998. Dr. Barnea promised our then 6 yeard old daughter that Jasper would be with us until she was well into college. Our daughter is not 19 years old and a sophmore at Rutgers University. Through these almost 14 years Dr. Barnea was always there for Jasper with his expert care, compassion and kind loving words, which especially in Jasper’s final days, helped us and guided us through a very difficult time! Thank You Dr. Barnea!

Sincerely, The Paoulis Family


I will forever grateful to Dr. Barnea and his staff for giving life to my puppy! I happily and lovingly brought my puppy home in April of 2008. She was a little over 3 months old. We named her Indie Puppy and call her Puppy. She was a puppy mill baby. After she was home for just about a week, she had to go to the hospital because she had pneumonia. She was almost 5lbs when she first came home and went down to 3lbs. The vet said she probably wasn’t going to make it. Miraculously, she did.

A couple of weeks after she came home from the hospital she started throwing up and was having diarrhea most of the time. For 2 1/2 years the little girl was so sicl. The vet did test after test and would say okay and she has this or she has that. He would put her on medicine and she would be fine for a few weeks and it would start over. They started doing the same tests over and over and still no confirmed diagnosis. Several times they did not think she was going to make it. We were constantly at the vet’s office, a specialist’s office or the emergency room. We even tried a few different vets with no results. The vet at the emergency room knew us by sight as well as by name. And still no diagnosis. I really think that Puppy just thought this was how life was. She never went for more than a few weeks without being sick, yet she has always had the most loving, gentle, funny and quirky personality.

In May of 2011 I was really afraid we were going to lose her. We were at our wits end. My poor little girl deserved to have a life without constant sickness.

And then someone recomended Dr. Barnea, whom we will be forever grateful to. Not only did he save Puppy’s life, he gave her a life free from constant sickness. He said with all the technology there is, we will find out what is wrong with her, and he did! He was so loving and kind with her and also to me. I finally had hope that she was going to be able to have a normal life.

Within a week he had multiple diagnoses for her and he knew how to treat her. He did multiple tests that actually had definitive results. She has multiple diseases of her intestines and stomach. He was always honest with us. He said from the very beginning that due to the thinkgs that were wrong with her, he might not be able to cure her, but would definately be able to treat her. He started her on several medications and within a few weeks she was a happy, energetic little girl.

Dr. Barnea or one of his office staff would call every day to see how she was. Even after she appeared to be stabilized they would call and make sure she was doing well. The only time she has to go to the vets now is for her check-up and her shots.

Every time we have been to his office Dr. Barnea spent as much time with us as was necessary. He never tried to rush. He was always thorough no matter how long it took. Puppy loves Dr. Barnea, his assistants and his office staff. As soon as we walk in her tail starts wagging. When she sees Dr. Barnea she goes abosolutely nuts. Sometimes I think her little tail is going to break something and she gives him kiss after kiss.

I will always be deeply grateful to Dr. Barnea. I have had Puppy to many vets and no one could help her until we went to him. He is an amazing veterinarian who is extremely knowledgeable, kind, warm and loving to his patients as well as their families. Thank you Dr. Barnea!!

Jodie Powell and Indie

Testimonial1Dear Dr. Barnea and all the team at Cliffside and Tenafly Hospital,

We just wanted to thank you and all of your team for the good
care that you provided to Bonnie and Merrill during our time in
New Jersey.

You have always tried the best to help our kitty-cats and their
(sometimes difficult) parents when needed (including fighting


Meanwhile we have all safely arrived in Switzerland and here
are two pictures of Bonnie and Merrill in their new home.

Thanks again,



Dr.B and Everyone- Thank you all so much for the outstanding care and attention for Dex after his accident. He’s doing great and we can’t thank you enough!! All the best!

Sue, Ed and Dex Scheuermann


Dear Dr.Barnea and Biliana,

Thank you for friday and for letting Eva die with dignity. Thank you for your kindness and warmth towards all of us. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for letting Eva be in her favorite spot, at her hous, with her family. Our grief is enormous, but the way you made Eva’s death as peaceful as possible helpts to ease our pain. You coming here when you did also gave all of us, especially the children, a way to learn about life in a loving way. So we thank you-from the bottom of my heart.

From David, the children and Deborah


Dr. Barnea and staff, Even though we have only known each other for a short time and you did not have the chance to know Jane when she was not ill, we feel incredibly grateful to you. Your compassion and heart for Jane and our family during this most painful and unexpected time, made it easier for us to make the right decision. The time you took to share all your knowledge and information meant so much to us, as did you ability to not make us feel like you were judging us and our decision. As hard as it is to not have Jane home withus, we have comfort knowing she is not in any pain. We miss her dearly and think of her often. Thank you for allowing us to spend our final moments with her in a place filled with love. I know we will be seeing more of you when we bring her brother in for check ups. I have included a couple of picture of Jane in her youth, so you could have an image of her at a better time in her life. It was very sweet of you to send a card. Your workds meant a great deal. Warm Regards, Tovi and Adam, Lyla and Troy



It is so rare to find a veterinarian who takes the time to educate regarding procedures and options as you have done. You not only treat your furry patients, but you bring a level of comfort and understanding to their human parents by patiently explaining what is happening with their loves ones. It was the compassion, patience and expertise you so graciously showed to us that helped us to make the hardest decision we have ever had to make for our little boy, Madison. It is so comforting to know that we have found someone that we can entrust the well-being of our little girl, Samantha. Kitty kisses are so much nicer without stinky breath! We thank you and your dedicated staff for being so wonderful! We look forward to continuing our relationship with you, especially when we bring a new little boy into our lives!

Darren, Diana and Samantha Daris


Hi To All At Cliffside Animal Hospital —

My cat Chrissy has been a patient with Cliffside Park Animal hospital since she was 6 months old. She is now 5 years old.

I have to write this because I want to say thank you to Dr. Barnea, Dr. Morris and all the staff at Cliffside Park Animal hospital. My husband and I feel like part of the family and never worry about bringing Chrissy there. She is our baby and we worry about her the same way a parent would worry about a child. My husband and I received Chrissy as a Christmas present when she was 6 months old. We had just recently lost a cat by the name of Sylvestres who we were blessed with for 14 years before she passed on. Chrissy was born and lived outside for 6 months and belonged to a friends family member. The mother cat and her litter were feed outside but not brought in to any shelter. Therefore Chrissy was needy for some medical attention. My family and I had a bad experience with a previous animal hospital with Sylvestres and was weary about finding a new doctor.

I had made an appointment with Dr. Barnea for Chrissy to be looked at. I was upset because I did not know what to expect. Well I have to say – bless Dr. Barnea and his staff. Dr. Barnea took the time with me and Chrissy that first visit. He gave Chrissy and me such attention and I knew he really cared. I felt a loving, caring and affection from Dr. Barnea that I never felt from any other veterinarian. He made me feel safe and secure in bringing Chrissy to him. He really loved and cared for animals. I am a passionate animal lover and I felt that from him also. He took the time to treat Chrissy, give her shots, cleaned her ears from ear mites and went though everything with me – what he was doing and what she would need in the future. The office called me up after this visit and checked in to see if Chrissy was o.k. I never had such devotion given to any of the animals I owned previously.

Since that first visit my husband and I are in love with everyone there. We take Chrissy yearly for her check ups and always feel comfortable there. The staff is so friendly and all are devoted.

Today (11/28/03) Chrissy was brought in for her teeth to be cleaned. It was a necessity for her health and well being. Dr. Morris is taking care of her today along with the staff. I have trust and faith that Chrissy is being taken care of. But like any nervous parents, my husband and I are very upset because we don’t want to see Chrissy go through any discomfort. But we know that she is safe and will be given the ultimate care.

Thank you with great sincerity for all that you have done for Chrissy.

Thank you for not only comforting the animal but the parents also.

Thank you for caring and being there.

Laura, Richard and Chrissy Riccardi

Thank you for taking such a good care of me and my owners. I am feeling great and enjoying many happy moments with my family. Thanks again for all your love and attention.

Sunny and her owners Liran and Orit Kemper

…My first contact with your office was a wonderful and reassuring experience… When I left Oxford in your office, I could not concentrate at work. It meant so much when I got a phone call immediately after his surgery informing me he was alright and subsequent calls notifying me that I could pick him up. The attentiveness from your staff to my anxiety was very touching…

Jane W. Jones

Testimonial5Thank you so much for the kind & compassionate treatment I always receive when in your care. I know my procedure was just as hard for you as it was me. I could never have felt as at ease as I feel when I go to see you. I know you all care about what you do and it shows in your actions. Again, thank you for everything!

Love “Nadia” (c/o Barbi Burghardt & Damien Gnecco)





My first and subsequent visits to Dr. Barnea are wonderful. He was a wishing well full of info on my new kittens and was wonderful with them. His staff are friendly, happy and I trust them all completely with my kittens. One of my kittens begins to purr the minute she sees Dr. Barnea!

I want to thank Dr. Barnea and his wonderful staff, for the excellent treatment of my beloved Yorkie Daisy. I know she must have been a bit of a pain yelping all day for me, but we do have a wonderful mother daughter bond that is hard to break. Above all else the care and “compassion” Dr. and Staff have shown to both patient and parent has not gone unnoticed. I would recommend this office to anyone….

Mary and Daisy and Frank Pilo

I appreciate all of the attention that you and your staff have provided to us in the short time that we have been clients of yours and want you to know that this does not go unnoticed. I find your professionalism top notch and we would not hesitate to refer anyone to your office…

Nancy Linardi

Thank you for your excellent and professional standards. Due to your extraordinary care with our family pets and the emotional pet owner, I give you thanks. It is too bad that people doctors have long lost this touch…

K.G. Hunt

We first brought ToToe to Dr. Barnea when he was 2 months old, and right from the beginning he was a fighter. Since then, on 3 separate occasions, he escaped death or harm because of his quick actions! He first got very ill on or about October 31, 1999. He was sleeping all the time and vomiting constantly. We paged Dr. Barnea at 9:30pm on a Sunday evening to admit ToToe to the hospital. He required 24 hour care, and he was admitted to Oradell AH overnight where he could be monitored all through the night. He was in critical condition. ToToe endured NUMEROUS blood & urine tests, and also had an ultrasound and was diagnosed as having an enlarged heart, liver disease & he was in kidney failure! Each day he lived was a miracle and finally after 3 weeks of fluids, vitamins & antibiotics he showed signs of improvement. After just one month, he was back to his old self. ToToe is truly a miracle pup with 9 lives. We thank god and give a world of thanks to Dr. Barnea for saving his life and keeping us updated on his procedures & progress!

Lois & Derrik Burr

Max continues to do well… If he maintains his current condition, I’m confident we’ll be celebrating his 17th birthday next spring! He’s also been much more affection with us lately, which makes me think that he knows we’ve been helping him. That’s a good feeling… Max owes his life to you, and since he can’t express that himself I just wanted to fill you in on how he’s doing…

Joshua Katz

We owe you and your wonderful staff our thanks and love for always being understanding to Ashes and her many needs. You always provided her with the best care an animal could ever receive. Even up to the last day when we decided to put her to rest, you treated my husband and [me] with the utmost respect and kindness when we needed it most. Ashes, too, was treated with love and tender care, which she deserved…

Kathy and Bill Seide

I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for taking care of Chief during his last days. Ellen and I miss him a great deal but our pain was certainly offset by the knowledge that he was in your hands and under your care… Of all the veterinarians who treated him, you were the only one who really cared for him in addition to treating him…

Keith and Eileen