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Lily Rottler: 16y 03-07-2000 12/2/2016

“Dear Dr. Barnea,

Thank you so much for your donation to the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation in memory of our Lily.

It meant so much to all of us who loved her so much.

Also, Thank you and your staff for tt care and kindness you gave to Lily and to us during the pasn years.

It was much appreciated.

We look forward to sharing the same rewarding relationship with you and your staff caring for Daisy and Chester in the future.

Again, Thank you for everything,

“The Rottlers”

Leila + Ron

05/05/2004 – 09/26/2016

sonty-susan picture“Dear Dr. B.,sonty-susan letter

I can’t find the words ss the gratitude I feel toward your staff for shepherding me through Susie’s palliative care journey. It maed a very very difficult time in my life, manageable. Susie and I were very fortunate to have you all on our team. Each and every one of your staff were kind, compassionate, and warm. I want to particularly thank Liz ( who always found a spot for Susie) and Biliana ( who held my Susie with such gentleness).

Thank You, Dr. Barnea!



“My name is Oliver. I love you all for taking care of me, even though I may have been grouchy at times. Meow! meow!”

02/03/1998 – 08/25/2016

Twinkle (1996-2015)

Gratale-Twinkle 1

As Dr. Barnea likes to say, Twinkle was a little tiger. Our beautiful little tiger came into our lives in March of 1996, a spritely calico kitten happily pouncing on her brothers as they slept in their cage at the animal shelter. From the day we brought her home, her spirit and energy were a force, as she chased us around the house, or stood in the doorway when visitors arrived and either brushed against them or smacked them to let them know they had entered her domain. Always a part of the family, she joined us at the foot of our beds and even at the dinner table, stealing our seats when one of us would get up. She loved basking in the sunlight in the window, chasing shoelaces, and having us brush her. Twinkle knew just how to look at us at the appropriate time of day when she was entitled to her beloved treats. She had a unique relationship with everyone she knew, making you feel special when you received her affection or inspired her to make her trilling “happy noise.” Spunky, intelligent and athletic, yet the portrait of refinement and symmetry, Twinkle truly was tional cat. Gratale-Twinkle 2

Twinkle enjoyed a long and happy life, with Dr. Barnea as her constant advocate. He, Biliana, Chris and the whole team gave her the consummate care for nearly two decades. Their love and devotion to Twinkle, as well as their knowledge, engagement and sound judgment gave us peace of mind. We are honored to have become part of the Tenafly Vet Center family, and we want ss our deepest gratitude.

Twinkle left an indelible mark on all of our hearts, and we will forever cherish the love and memories we shared. To quote Dr. Barnea’s beautiful message to our family: “Twinkle, Twinkle little star… That star shined for 19 years and filled our hearts with light and joy beyotation!”

~The Gratale family

gratale-twinkle 3

Hecht-Nesher 2Hecht-Nesher 3

Nesher Hecht

01/13/2005 – 04/09/2015

“Dr Barnea and staff,

Words cannss the gratitude we have for the way you have cared for Nesher over the years.
As you know, he was an important part of each of our lives and we always turned to you for the best care he could receive.

On behalf of all of us and our sweet Neshky, a heartfelt thank you for everything. You will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Hecht-Nesher 1

-Pinny, Nalka, and Lemore Hecht

Jasper Papoulis
1998 – 2012

Jasper was a gentle, kind, loving, dedicated member of our Family, who we loved very dearly and we miss everyday. We Love you Jasper!!!!!!!!Jasper

Dr. Barnea and the office staff at both Cliffside and Tenafly were always there for Jasper with their thorough, compassionate loving care. We always felt like we were part of a Family!

From Day 1, when we adopted Jasper and brought him in to meet Dr. Barnea for the first time in 1998. Dr. Barnea promised our then 6 year old daughter that Jasper would be with us until she was well into college. Our daughter is now 19 years old and a sophomore at Rutgers’s University, and through these almost 14 years Dr. Barnea was always there for Jasper with ht care, compassion and kind loving words, which especially, in Jasper’s final days, helped us and guided us through a very difficult time!

Thank you Dr. Barnea!

The Papoulis Family

DaisyDaisy was a protective, dominating but very loving dog that was able to speak with her eyes and her mouth. We’ll miss her beautiful face assive eyes.

She’ll always be in out hearts.
-The Bennett Family

Cosmo1Cozmo a.k.a Little Man & Cozzie. He loved pleasing mommy & daddy. Showered us with kisses, & also loved getting cozy with his loved ones including his best friend Missy. Cozmo had me need to be carried everywhere, just like a baby. I am not even sure if he even knew he was a dog. Cozmo was a strong little guy. He had 2 different surgeries on his back legs when he was around 7yrs old. He recovered pretty quickly. Nothing seemed to slow him down; he fought his way through it with love & affection. Everyone loved Cozmo because he had such a cool personality and he was also adorable. When Cozmo was about 10 ½ yrs old everything went down hill. He Started to itch constantly, we took many tests, and it turned out that he had developed allergies at his senior age. Along with the many tests that we did it also appeared that he also had lymphoma. We did everything that we could to keep him as healthy and happy as we could. We went to see a specialist in December and was told that Cozmo only had 1-2 months to live. We didnʼt want to do chemo; we didnʼt think it would be Cozmo 2the way to go about it because with treatment we were told he would only have a f months with us. All the meds and daily visits to the doctorʼs office wasnʼt what we thought was best for him. With his daily dosage of prednisone we just gave he all the love we could each day and he returned all the love back. Cozmoʼs angel didnʼt want to take him so quickly, Cozmo faught and lived until July 3rd 2008. We were all blessed to Cosmo2have each other for 5 months. When Cozmo took his final breath, he looked like he was at peace finally. I am truly thankful that we all got to know and love Comzo and so happy he was apart of our lives.

Cozmo I know you are mommyʼs angel now and I will keep you in my memories FOREVER!

Hugs & Kisses little one.

Dr.B – We want to thank you for your help through our hardest times. You are a wonderful doctor and have a heart of gold. Thanks again for the bottom of our hearts!!!

In memoriam to Sam Corcoran Chen


  • one blue eye, one brown eye, nearly all white with a pink nose
  • Crying at the metal fence at the park, wanting to be with us on the other side, not realizing how easy it would have been to go around
  • A hurricane of energy, dismembering Barbie dolls and creating apparent crime scenes
  • Vaulting over walls and tumbling down snowy hills
  • Hanging out with the Mensa poodles, trying to look smart

Handsome youth

  • Paddling furiously to chase stones skipped over the surface of a lake, chased by swans
  • Noble creature, tolerating the arrival of human babies and delivering gifts of squirrel carcasses to them as they nurse

Old age

  • Thief in the night, ransacking trash cans
  • Arthritic yet contorting, stretching to successfully reach the Wonder Bread at the back of the counter, then eating it whole, still in its wrapper
  • Stealing and then chomping lazily on Nicorette gum
  • Every gaze filled with love yet the vulnerability of growing old, with death impending

Sam’s passing

His gaze full of devotion, he slowly lowered his head into my lap, and I scratched behind his ears while he was still warm
I felt not sorrow, but immense gratitude for the privilege of having had Sam in my life


In memory to Winston for the past twelve years of the greatest companionship that a dog can give. Winston was larger than most Yellow Labs; but he was a big pussycat. Winston was a very quiet dog, as he mostly would only bark when I came home from work. Sometimes he will greet me at the back door with a shoe in his mouth. That was his way of welcoming me home. Winston loved to travel in the car. My special treat to him was a trip to the grocery stores on the weekends. He wasn’t afraid of anythit for the thunder from the summer thunderstorms. His safe haven from the storms was the bathtub. His last few hours on this earth, he spent in his safe haven, the tub.

Very special thank you to Dr. Barnea and to his staff for tlent care they gave to Winston for the past five-year. Especially during the last month, having to run so many different types of test to determine what causes him to collapse. Over the years Dr Barnea came to know that any type of test that needed to be performed; Winston would patiently allow it to be done. Dr. Barnea took the time in the medical problem and the treatment to help correct the medical problem. When the time comes, I will adopt a new dog and Dr Barnea will be his vet.

Shirley Redfield

AmeliaAmelia Rose Klein

Dear All,
The outstanding care my mother’s standard poodle, Amelia Rose, received at Cliffside Park Animal Hospital is epitomized in this powerful and moving statement by Mahatma Ghandi:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
— Mahatma Ghandi

Amelia Rose left us suddenly in November of 2003 at the age of 2 and 1/2 years after a ten day struggle with a rare blood disorder. She was unusually devoted to my mother, even for a canine. Large, majestic and playful, she and my mother shared morning and late afternoon teas together. (Amelia received one premium dog biscuit and water, my mother consumed butter biscuits and tea).

My Mom visited Amelia daily in the intensive care ward, and, as frail as she was, Amelia would prop herself up at the sound of her lead dropping on the floor announcing my Mom’s arrival at the clinic. They would go for a brief, slow stroll with the intensive care nurse, return to the clinic, and Amelia would spend her time communing. Word has it that this dog would long for my mother’s daily return.

I felt the impact of Amelia’s personality, even though I live far from my mother. I also am well aware of this clinic’s devoted collective “personality”. The accommodations they made for this pet and my mother both clinically and emotionally were astounding. We are so grateful.

In all sincerity,
Deborah Klein, MD, Ph.D.

HerculesIn memory of Hercules

In memory of a faithful friend and companion. If tears could build a stairway,and memories a lane I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

Thank you for being there and for caring.

Dr. Barnea,

BonnieHaving to put Bonnie at peace was one of life’s hardest moments and emotionally draining. Through my sadness and emptiness, how can I feel anything but blessed to have had Bonnie part of my life for 21 plus years. I am comforted by the fact that she never lost her will and spunk and went so quickly and comfortably. She was very much a member of the family and her memories will always be with me. She truly was a very special cat.

Words cannss my deepest thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for the care you gave her (and me). You always treated her as your own and went “beyond” being a veterinarian, and a top notch one at that. Her long life was no doubt attributed to the medical care you gave her. Without your skills and guidance this would not have been possible. As you know, she certainly had her medical challenges, late in life, and I first came to you because I was not happy with her prior veterinary care. You were always very giving of your time and made a point in everything to her owner (which was not always easy).

I also remember coming to you with a stray with an eye that I was convinced was gone and loaded with fleas, etc. plus would not let you get close. Well, I got back a different kitty who I am sure is now living a happy life with his adopted family. Just anothle of your care and compassion that goes above and beyond.

In closing, if cats have nine lives, (Bonnie certainly tested this theory), you gave her a few more (literally). Thank you so much for Bonnie time.

Animals (and their owners) are very lucky to be under your care.

God bless you.


Henry M. Rutland

Winnie1To Ohad & Staff,

When “Winnie” needed a doctor, you were there. When I needed advice, you were there. Sometimes I just needed assurance + you were there. Or, just a shoulder to lean on + you were there.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy her far beyond even tations. But mostly, thank you for being there when it was time to let go.

Thank you and your entire staff for really caring. Winnie felt the same way………..she told me so!!!

My thanks and love to all of you,Winnie2

“Winnie’s” mom

(Vicky Chirico)

SargeWe adopted Sarge in 1992 from the Teterboro Animal Shelter. Sarge was 7 years old. Scheduled for euthanasia due to overcrowded conditions at the shelter. Wayne saw Sarge, and it was love! Sarge has been a great dog! Friendly, loving and a faithful companion for 10 years. His nickname ‘baby ears’. Sarge went to heaven on March 5,2002; we stayed at his side, and said our goodbyes. Hugs and kisses to our baby ears!

To Dr Barnea and staff,

Thanks for going out of your way to make time for us and Sarge… Thanks for giving so freely and putting our minds at ease… Thanks for being the kind and generous Doctor that you are, who always knows just how to make others feel cared for and loved. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done. Love, Wayne, Anne & Sarge Graff

Wayne & Anne Graff

ButkusTribute to a Fallen Friend. My Gentle Giant “BUTKUS” He is gone but will never be forgotten. He will live in my Heart & Mind till the day that I go to my rest. Butkus was a GOD sent to me to ease pain & suffering at the time of my family’s loss in 1992. He was born April 7th, 1993 and in June of 1993 he became part of me & my family. He then took control of our lives by giving us LOVE. He then put the smile back on our faces & just made the family feel much closer. At parties & holidays, he would just fit right in and enjoy himself with the food and the rest of the family and friends. When he was still just a young dog we would visit everyone on the avenue & businesses and everyone would call him by name. Children would stop and give him a hug and he would react with a paw or lick. Butkus was a clown at times doing things that you just had to laugh at. He also would get down on the ground & harmonize with my son and would say “I LOVE YOU” in his dog voice. (Strange but true he did it and in the company of our friends & family so KNOW I am not NUTS!) I’m proud to have been apart of his life & one of his closest friends. It is with a Heavy Heart that I am laying down these words but it is just a small token of respect & love that I wanted to share with others that understand the feeling & loss of my loving friend & companion.

Now I must attempt to fill the VOID in my life and keep a smile on my face when people ask how I am doing. I was blessed with BUTKUS and now I am at ease knowing that he is in the Loving Hands of GOD and at PEACE. I could go on & on talking about him but all I am going to say is … BUTKUS I LOVE YOU”.


BUTKUS Passed Away Thursday, January 24th, 2002 at: 2.22pm & Entered Heaven. R.I.P

Teddy Monacelli

Beth LoBasso

Woobie Wickham

Dr Barnea,

PiwacketI just received a letter telling me of your donation in memory of Piwacket. You can’t imagine how touched I am by your gesture & I can’t think of a better way of remembering her than by helping other animals in her memory.

I am enclosing a picture of her that I just found the other day — definitely the “Pi” that you knew in her stronger days, of which there were many more because of you.

I’ll always be grateful.



PepperWords are not enough ss out thanks to you in our time of need. With all “Pepper” had endured with her diabetes & cushings disease, I thank you 1,000 times over for pulling her through that and we were able to have her for a little while longer. Thank you for your dedication & compassion not only for both my “girls”, but for myself & my husband. Your sensitivity to our losing “Pepper” was overwhelming, you could not have been more understanding. Also, you staff is to be commended for the compassion they have for both the patient & their owner. You are a wonderful doctor & we will always be indebted to you for the love of our “girls.”

Helen Barrett

HannibulIf Hannibul were still here, I am sure he would want to thank you and your staff for all the wonderful things you have done for him. He was a healthier dog because of all of you, and as for me, I would like to thank you for everything. You might not realize the impact you have on people and their pets, people trust you, they trust your knowledge and your kindness towards the patient or the way that every time a patient walks through the door, you know it’s name and remember its past ailments. You’re a great doctor and you have a wonderful staff. If there is ever anything I can do for you please feel free to call. Maybe there is a Hannibul 2 in the future …….only time can tell… THANK YOU!!

Jason Criscione & “Hannibul”

GizmoGizmo was very special to us and after he died, I fell as though a part of me went with him. Having you all there has helped ease some of the pain. Your kindness and thoughtfulness have been greatly appreciated. I wanted to thank you and your staff once again for all the kindness and love you and you showed “Gizmo” and us during such an incredibly difficult time. My family and I will never forget that. Now Mochachino (our new dog) will have the pleasure and honor of having you as his vet. He deserves the best, and now he has it with you!

Angali Khanna & “Gizmo”

FriskyI want to thank you and your staff for being so kind and warm hearted when you took care of my Frisky., and I want to thank you for the comfort you gave me during my time of sorrow when my best friend had to leave her family. Thanks to all of you again.

Joan Graff & “Frisky”

MoeThank you for all your kindness to us and our animals!!

Dorothy Feit & “Moe”

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and consideration towards “Sunny” all these years. I very much appreciated how each and every one of you gave her special attention which not only touched her, but also meant a lot to me. You are all very special people! Thanks again to all!

Wendy Krull & “Sunny”

Thank you for making a donation in memory of “Tocai” . I was very touched, and yet it did not surprise me that you would do that! You have been nothing but kind & generous to since I started bringing my cats to you. You and I spoke once about how we wished human doctors took as much time ans paid as much attention to their patients as you do to yours. You never talk down to me (as many doctors tend to do), yin everything scientifically yet clearly , and you always let me make all of the decisions regarding my pet. When I first visited your office, I was impressed by the technology you use and your medical methods (when has a doctor ever written anything on a chalkboard before??), but I quickly realized that what was more important was the kind, compassionate person that you are. You definitely chose the right profession, and I’m sure all the animals would thank you if they could.

My gratitude also to your staff. Not only were they efficient and upbeat during visits, but when you were away and “Tocai” was very ill, they called me everyday to check on her. It really made a big difference.

Once again, thank you for all of your efforts, and I fell lucky to live in closety to what has to be the premier veterinary office in New Jersey!

Marni Mayerson & “Tocai”

CocoDear Dr. Barnea and the Tenafly Vet Team,

On October 30, 2012 we lost one of the most precious and special family members, Coco. For over fifteen years you have cared for her with the utmost kindness and concern and for that we are forever grateful. Coco was playful, with a big personality and filled with unconditional love! Thank you very much for taking such good care of our family member as we now have the fondest memories of her being happy and healthy.

The Berardo Family


MiloDr Barnea:

We wanted to just thank you again for everything you did for Milo. You a re a good person with a good heart and that is why y at what you do.

We are glad you were there to help us to the end


Javier and Dana Soto


LeoDear Dr. Barnea,
We want to thank you for all you did for Leo since we adopted him in November 2003.

His journey during these 10 years was sometimes difficult due to his hip dysplasia and other ailments, but you helped us give him an almost normal and perfect life.As you said in your beautiful card, “His kindness and grace under all these circumstances welary”. He leaves a big void but we will always cherish our memories with him.

Thank you for the best care and love Leo could have.

Maria & Juan Peña

Dear Dr. Barnea and Biliana

Thank you on behalf oon and myself for your care and compassion and for always being there for us. TUX

Thank you also to the rest of the crew.

Thank you Dr Han and thank you for your advice to feeobbi’ and rice when he didn’t want to eat. It worked.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all.

Bob and Gerti