Over the years since I began practicing veterinary medicine I have heard and seen many things but one common question keeps coming up more than any other… “What would you do if it was your pet Doc?”

lt seems like a complicated question but there really is only one answer, “I would treat them like family, like I would my own children.” Evidence of this answer is apparent the moment you enter TVC. The walls are painted in cheerful colors. Light blue, royal blue and yellow feel more like the colors of a nursery school than a hospital. Here you are welcomed by friends and each patient is treated as if they were our pet. Animals are treated with dignity and their owners are treated with compassion.

Despite being a pet owner all my life, it was not until my children were born that I realized the love, the responsibility and the worries that comes with being a parent. After a few visits to the emergency room with my kids for even trying to battle a simple flu, it gave me a new perspective. It makes one appreciate truly what good medical care is all about: establishing trust with a patient, making a diagnosis as if your life depended on it, treating a patient as quickly as possible, and communicating compassion and understanding to the family of the patient. One has to take interest and extra care in uncovering a disease, be humble, and keep thinking “what else can I do.” These are the concepts and the motivation that drives my team and I.

We have taken this concept and applied it to all aspects at TVC. This veterinary facility is designed so that if you give us few a hours we can give you an answer to almost any condition. We have made this possible by investing in specialized equipment and advanced technology. We do endoscopy, testing, and can treat and operate on almost any condition. With all these tools at our disposal under one roof, we have no need for any kind of outside mobile service. We are capable of doing full blood work on the spot within 15 minutes, streamlining the standard medical process. We can go from test to diagnosis quickly and have taken great lengths to shorten the distance between diagnosis and care. Why? Because it delivers the best chance of making sure we make your pet healthy while reducing patient and owner stress.

At my practice we bridge the gap between the love you have for your pet and my passion to help pets and their owners with an ASAP attitude, state of the art facility, and over 22 years of experience. This is what I believe sets us apart from simply being good, to being great at what we do. “Strengthening the Human animal bond, since 1995.”

Dr. Ohad Barnea + the TVC Family